Another name appears on my ticket. Did I get the wrong tickets?

These are your tickets. The name that appears may have been the original purchaser. Tickets are transferable and these are now your tickets.

Why is the price on the ticket different from the price that I paid?

We are a private ticket brokering service engaged in buying and selling tickets on the secondary market. The price changes frequently based upon the supply and demand of the event.

What if I lose my tickets?

Keep your tickets in a safe and secure place. Big League Events is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets.

What are "email delivery" and "instant delivery" tickets?

Both “Email Delivery” and “Instant Download” tickets are delivered via email in a PDF format and can be viewed using Adobe Reader. While some venues can scan these tickets on a mobile device, we strongly recommend that you download and print your tickets before your event to ensure entry. 

Why aren't the seat numbers listed?

In order to protect the buyer and seller, we do not list our seat numbers online. If you have questions about a specific ticket group or event, please contact us at 561-249-0550.

Will my seats be next to eachother?

Yes, all tickets that are purchased together will be next to eachother. 


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Step 3
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